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Always Be Testing





ABT is something you hear in business. It's putting your product or idea out into the world and see what people have to say, react, or engage. From there you follow the twists and turns as you hone and get as close to perfect as possible.

Improv is always a place of ABT.

Think about it. You have an idea and you bring it to the stage. You put it out into the world and wait to see the reaction. The reaction informs your next move until you and your partner reach how far it can go. Then you start again.

The other angle is when you don't test or share your ideas. You do this out of fear. Fear that your idea might be rejected or unheard. This might be true but it is also selfish. You have a powerful and unique voice. It should be shared and standing on the wings and not testing is not fair to the rest of us! We want you to always be testing.

Finally, if you are hiding on the wings there's no way to grow or transform. There's no way to test your idea so it can lead to the next time where you take to the stage that you are more confident, stronger, and experienced. You are limiting yourself and the potential that is within you.

Test your ideas! Make the big improv move. Edit the scene. Walk on. Just say something and remember to Always Be Testing!

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