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Both, And

A rare thing happened recently. I talked to some people about their improv. Not just random people but people I’ve known a long time. People I coached, directed, taught, performed side by side, traveled with and called friends. Still call friends? Being an adult is weird.

They are performing locally back in Orlando so we jumped on a call just to chat about their goals. It was nice to put the mentor hat back on for a hot minute. It’s also bittersweet and disappointing.

There’s a lot of that in my life. It’s the “both, and” of it all.

I’m better than I was in 2019 and have a vestibular injury that impacts my life every day.

We tried our best as a family and there has been some real heartbreak and tragedy.

Running an improv theater, performing several times a week, and being part of a community was the best job I ever had and I’ll never do those things again.

I’m in love with Minnesota and there is no community, roots, or friendships.

A lifetime ago I was introduced to an exercise while studying in Chicago and at the time I thought it was a great way to figure out how to make several things work at once. Now, looking back it was “both, and”. All of this, as well as the quick flashback of who I used to be, has made me think that’s what I’d be teaching right now. I think I’d enjoy digging into that deeper and that’s no longer my journey.

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