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Changing culture, one team at a time!

I was well aware that AdLib would not be for everyone. I never wanted it to be. I wanted it to be for those who love a specific style and aesthetic, who work hard, and want to make real change.

Every theater has a culture and improv has a bit of a reputation of being lax when it comes to rehearsals and professionalism.

I've always been a proponent of teams having coaches and rehearsing consistently and.

Since no one was doing that when I launched AdLib, I knew it was going to take time. The mindset had to come from within the theater.

Having a clear vision and plan of action for every piece of what we do at the theater was also a must have.

So here we are nearly 5 years later and our teams are coached and our students are aware that the performers work at their craft. We provide plenty of opportunities to get on stage but if being on one of our teams is their goal post training, they know that coaching and rehearsals are part of the package.

We recently announced a new show. It's going to be lots of fun. However, it's not just an open call show and it's not made up of only AdLib cast teams. It's a bit of a mix. After discussing what we wanted the show to become we decided that we wanted to put our twist and our standards onto it.

So the call to action included being open to local teams but the caveat being these teams need to be rehearsing consistently and most importantly working with a coach.

We believe in the power of rehearsing and coaching that much and if we are going to elevate and rise together than we need to work hard at what we do.

So the call went out and we knew there would be interest and then once people saw the requirements there would be some people who were like thanks but no thanks. That's what we want!

If you stand for everything than you stand for nothing. We know we are not for everyone and that's our point. People like us love improv and people like us want to work with a coach and rehearse. That's our tribe!

Something amazing happened. Our students and performers started setting up rehearsals and asking people to coach them. It's wonderful and it shows that a culture can be fostered and built. That you can have standards, stick to your beliefs, and the right people will find you.

You change the culture, one team at a time!

If you want to check out the show, it takes place on July 26th. You can learn all about it by clicking HERE!

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