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Coaching Hacks: Goal Setting

Something I do when I coach teams and within the AdLib organization, is goal setting.

Goals are not just for the group but for the individual. It's important that the team has a goal so they know what they are working towards and the individual goal helps keep them motivated to work toward the common goal. Here are some tips on setting goals.


Keep goals updated

People change, teams change, so why wouldn't you update your goals? Goals need to be as dynamic as the teams and people they serve. Pick a time frame and stick with it. For example, we review and refresh our goals at the beginning of a new quarter.

Keep goals simple

Something that is ephemeral, hard to grasp, doesn't have a real way to track progress is never going to be met. In fact, it's going to lead to frustration which ultimately impacts motivation. Simplify your goals, make them accessible, and realistic.

Track, discuss, and Include

If you are making goals for a team in your organization, include the team in the discussion about how they'd like to grow. Figure out a system how you will track goals. It can be as simple as having them in a spreadsheet and a check mark. When we create and update the individual goals of our players we discuss it with the other team members present. This way players can ask each other if they have any ideas they thinks should be included with the goal setting. This helps develop teamwork, open communication, and trust.

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