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Courage over Comfort

We love to comfort. It's why I constantly say improv and life is about being comfortable getting uncomfortable when I teach. Change is hard and we want to stay safe.

Thing is that choice leads us to mediocrity. To being average. To never live life fully.

Sounds boring! Being courageous is a gift we can give to ourselves. Courage to grow, learn, fail, get ugly, cry, shout, and just live!

What are some ways you can be courageous?

Sign up for something new. From one of those paint nights to online classes, there's always an opportunity to learn something new and be a beginner again.

Say that thing that's on your mind. This might be to your partner, colleague, friend, or relative. You can say it. Say it with love and compassion. Get brave and communicate!

Create! You say you want to write a blog, make a vlog, webinar, book, script, take photos, design clothes and whatever else you feel calling you. Finding an excuse before you start is just fear taking over. Fill yourself with courage and create!

Remember, courage over comfort!

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