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Creators, keep asking!

To the creators who creates but is never asked to join,

Keep creating! Keep asking. Keep going. I see you. You are appreciated and your light is important in this world.

I know it's really hard not being the one who is asked to join in. To be the one who gets to just show up, do their thing, get the glory, and bounce away without a care.

Keep going!

As you lay awake at night, you'll find yourself hoping people will start asking you to join them. That day might not come.

It's not for the reasons that little voice is telling you.

If I had to guess the little voice is saying something like, oh it's because people don't think you are talented enough, they find you difficult, they have more fun without you.

First off, tell that voice to fuck off and shut up!

Second, more likely this is what is happening ...

The other people are thinking that asking you is going to burden you, that you are so busy why would you want to be part of their little project, that you are so good it's frightening to ask.

I get it. Even if you can't join in you would like to know people are thinking of you. The world operates in different ways so don't you dare let that be a reason to stop.

What you might not know is how you are impacting another person. You asking them might have been the reason they continue to try. You asking them might have brought them out of their own personal struggle. You asking them might have saved their life.

Keep creating. Keep asking others to join you. When they say yes be grateful for whatever it is you make together. Stay focused on the good.

Be the creator you were meant to be and be the co-creator others need!

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