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Don't just think positive, be positive

We say it in improv all the time, show us, don't tell us. Turns out the same is true for taking on a positive mindset. It's not just about thinking you want to be positive you have to be positive. Take actionable steps to become positive. Over time, you can rewire your brain and find a happier existence. Here are some actionable steps you can take for being positive.


Adapting to change- being able to adjust when the plans change is one way to keep a growth mindset.

Fail. Get up. Repeat- leaning into failure, learning from it, and a willingness to do it again can lead to a more positive mindset.

Focus on the relationships in your life, not the material items- Practicing gratitude and celebrating the people in your life for the joy they bring helps them and you!


What I love about these action steps is that they also crossover with improv. Finding success in improv scenes also relies on these steps. It's also why I know improv can make us all happier and better humans! So get out of your head and start being positive!

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