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Feedback Hacks: Questions to ask yourself

As improv teachers and coaches we ask a lot of questions. We encourage growth and learning of our students. Perhaps you are just starting out as a teacher or coach or maybe you could just use a refresher. Here are some great questions to keep in mind as you the teacher or coach observe students and performers:

Was the performer engaged? -- In order to react in the moment the student/performer has to be engaged, listening, and concentrating.

Did the player solve a problem?-- Depending on your own approach and objective of the scene, the answer determines your feedback. Make sure to explain why this did or did not work to the learner.

Did they show instead of tell?-- It's always better to show us in an improv scene than tell us.

Did they communicate clearly?-- Learners at times will try to play coy or be subtle in what they are trying to tell their scene partner. This approach in improv usually leads to more confusion and a stalled scene. Encourage the learner to be clear and make declarative statements.

Did they act or react? -- As we know, we want them reacting!

I like to use Trello as a way to keep my feedback ideas and questions organized. Since I can download the App to my phone, it also means I have it available at all times just in case I need a refresher or prompt when I'm in class. Just because we are teachers doesn't mean we aren't done learning or need reminding from time to time as well!

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