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Fitting in is different than belonging

There's a difference to fitting in somewhere than belonging to a community. Fitting in implies you have to change who you are, that the others surrounding you don't appreciate who you truly are. You are working to impress people. It's work, it's inauthentic, and it is typically tied to ego.

When you belong, people appreciate you for what you bring to the table. They see you as a gift, a puzzle piece that fits perfectly, that you have worth.

Take a look around. Are you trying to fit in or do you belong?

If it's fitting in that you are doing, why? Perhaps, you have decided that fitting in is validation of what you are doing or working on. Thing is, you are worth so much more. You are enough!

You deserve to belong. Find a community, relationship, friendship, or workplace where you belong. Sure, it can be scary to admit that you need to make changes to do this but you deserve to belong. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

You have value, worth, and are amazing. There is a light shining in you, let it shine! So go out there and find the place you belong.

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