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Get out of your bubble!

It can become quite comfortable being at the same place day in and day out. Routine has structure and known outcomes. Routine can also stifle growth. How can expand our comfort zones and grow as humans if we never get out of our protected bubble.

Several years ago, I decided I needed to push myself out of the comfort of my teaching bubble. I was successful in my own community. It would have been easy to have said, great, people like me and I want that to continue so I'm going to just stay in the safety of this community and teach to these people.

It's great to know that I make an impact on my community, as a teacher though, I never want to stop learning. Also, am I really effective as a teacher outside of my comfortable 4 walls. That's when I started to push to find teaching opportunities elsewhere. I didn't just start slowly, I threw myself all the way to the West coast, 3000 miles away! I was terrified. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my teaching career and solidified what I was feeling. Teaching improv is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

From there on out, I continually look for ways to push myself out of my bubble. From teaching a few times a year not just outside of AdLib but outside of Florida. Expanding to the scary world of the internet where people love to judge. Podcasts, YouTube videos, and blogs. I keep pushing to grow and learn.

When I do and I return to my bubble, I am wiser, refreshed, and full of new ideas to share. It's always a bump in excitement for the community as a whole and for myself as a human.

So go out there and grow! It might be taking a class at a different theater, auditioning, a new job, or even some travel. Whatever it is, get out there grow, step outside your bubble!

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