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Impostor no more!

I don't enjoy feeling like an impostor. My remedy has always been to become the smartest person in the room. Don't know about a topic, welp, going home and learning all about it. I'm lucky in the sense that I synthesize information quickly. The downside is that it's this ongoing need that I have to prove myself.

Lately, I've been stepping into my role and understanding that I'm not an impostor and in fact, in some areas of life the expert in the room. I'm choosing what I want to deep dive and learn about so that it betters not just myself but those around me, my theater, and the world.

I received several high fives from the universe this week and all of them help me keep peeling back the layers of insecurity and the understanding that I'm not nor have ever been an impostor.

I'm working with a large social media company to help get some love for AdLib. On the phone, this week, the person jumped on the internet to take a look at what and how AdLib is positioned and represented. The feedback I received was high praise on the copy and strategies in place.

WOW! That means so much to me!

See that's a big deal because all the copy writing, all the strategies, all the positioning, all the marketing, well, that's all me. I've spent hours in the virtual classroom this year working on the craft of copy writing and marketing. To receive feedback from someone in the industry that it's impressive is welcomed, humbling, and puts me in a place of gratitude.

It's also a boost to keep me going because running a business is HARD WORK!

The other boost came in the form of an email saying that I am under consideration for a comedic writing job. Not to worry, it's remote and part-time. I almost didn't apply though!

I get these dumb thoughts in my brain that I'm not a strong enough writer in spite of the fact that I have a huge portfolio of published pieces. Not pieces I put on my own blog, pieces that were submitted, vetted, accepted, and put on very large internet platforms. So it's that dumb ass troll douche voice that says I'm not a good writer and the fact is it isn't true.

I went ahead and applied because the worst thing that could happen is they would say no. The email I received didn't say yes but it did say I'm under consideration. I'll take that win. Regardless if I'm hired or not, I'm a writer!

So I'm not an impostor and I'm going to keep reminding myself of this fact. While none of us are ever done growing or learning, I am indeed one of the experts in the room!

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