• Lauren Morris

Improv is the great connector

One thing I love about improv is the capacity for connection. People from every corner coming together to celebrate this amazing art form.

Through all my years of studying, performing, and teaching, I have met incredible people.

People who study improv also tend to have really cool lives outside of the art.

The result is learning about the human condition. It's why I love to hang out with improvisers. They don't just focus on talking about one thing, there is an array of deep, meaningful conversations to be had!

Improv is the great connector.

In order to connect, you can't judge. Improv doesn't judge. You might be wondering or thinking yeah okay sure but really not believing. I know sometimes I struggle to let go of disbelief and embrace the lessons of improv. Improv is patient and eventually I get the message.

Be open to the moment.

I am fortunate to share the stage with amazing people. One of my favorite formats on stage is the duo. Two people relying on one another to make something from nothing. I have been part of several different duo formats and each of them are so much fun. From stupid fun to intellectually fun my experience has run the gamut.

Always trying to stay open to possibility, improv sent me Alex. For me, it started off as a different duo version and I was happy to bounce along. Then improv started to push. We call ourselves Get Out of My Head not because we don't want anyone in there but because the two of us seem to know each other's thoughts. From the shallow silly thoughts to the deeper even darker more meaningful ones. This resulted in both of us embracing a true monoscene format. Just two people in a moment of time discovering together.

Artistically I was ready to go but from time to time resistance would pop up. Not resistance to what we are doing or to my scene partner but to myself. That troll voice (you can read all about my friend HERE!) would start saying shit to me about the differences between the two of us from the age divide, season of life, trusting people in general, trusting my own abilities, all that great stuff that comes from the inner critic. And when I say great, I mean not great!

The troll in my head judges, improv does not.

I kept telling it to shut up and learn from improv. Doing so has led me to places personally and artistically that are some of the best places I've been. Had I let judgment dictate my choices I would have missed out on some really cool stage memories but the bigger loss would have been missing out on connecting to one of the kindest, caring, funny, honest, dark, humans to cross my path.

I'm thankful I embraced improv and in return I have expanded my capacity for caring, joy, and love. Improv granted us access to each other and to listen to the moment. There are no boundaries except the ones you make. Let those go. Open your heart. Travel the path together for whatever time is meant to be and forever you have a friend.

It's a powerful lesson.

Improv lets us all connect and in a world that desperately needs connection, we can all learn from improv.

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