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Improv Tip: And What Else?

There's a great question that comes from the book, The Coaching Habit. And. What. Else. "AWE". It's such a simple question. It's also incredibly powerful.

Oh and guess what, it's also great for improv. UCB style has us ask, "if this is true, what else is true" when playing a scene. Boiling this down to three words means faster recall when under pressure. The addition of the word "and" is very improv. With "and" we are no longer limited to one train of thought or hoping that when we answer the question that our scene partner answers in the exact same way. Instead, we can make both work together because of the power of "and".

And. What. Else.

It isn't just great in a scene. It's great for coaches and teachers. Asking these powerful three words engages the performer to dig deep, grow, and learn. It helps them find more interesting and creative ideas they can bring to life on stage. It's a gateway to becoming a better human. Ask your students "and what else" to help them remain curious, discovering what's next, and engaged.


Finally, the audience can be in AWE of us are on stage. We ask the audience to join us on this roller coaster performance. No one knows what's about to take place. All we know is that it is magical and it's AWEsome.

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