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Life isn't a sprint

The benefit of experience and time is knowing that I don't have to do it all in a certain time frame. That's because life is a series of moments, adventures, paths, phases, and there's no real finish line.

What feels so utterly important right now most likely isn't going to make a difference in a year from now. Hell, even 3 months from now.

I'll see friends and colleagues getting cast, headed out to festivals, teaching all over the world, publishing written work including books, and I'll feel the push to do more. That's when I have to take a deep breath and look backwards a bit. When I do I see all the things I too have done.

Sometimes when I have to make a decision to just stop and rest or push to go somewhere because that's where other people are and I might miss out on something and oh no what if this is THE thing and what if they have fun and then I don't and...

That train of thought is a clear indication it's time to rest and recharge. There's always going to be someone doing something and yes, I'm going to miss out on this individual event, however, there's always a new one around the corner.

That's because I don't have to cram all of it in. I'm not less worthy because I took a little time to rest. I'm not less worthy because I have a different looking resume than my colleague. My path is different and it's what makes me unique. This is the same for all of us. It's why we can learn from each other and make moments matter, connect, and rise together.

Nowadays I have participated in most everything in my field so I get very choosy. I ask myself if this is going to be a quality experience, bring me closer to those who are important to me, create a memory that I hold dear as I move through the different paths and phases of my life.

I feel as if I'm in a new phase of life right now so I'm going to live in that for a bit and see where it leads. I'm going to take it slowly and remember life is not a sprint.

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