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Maverick Leader

I did an assessment recently not on my personality but on how I am perceived. How I fascinate others. It's spot on.

I'm a "Maverick Leader" and that means:

You lead with a bold and unconventional vision

Absolutely! Being average scares the hell out of me!

You are unafraid to take the lead and happy to propose a new direction for a product or market strategy.

I believe that what I do IS NOT for everyone and as a result will push to make sure you are well aware of what we ARE, who I am, and then you can decide if it's right for you.

You’re always full of new ideas, and almost a little restless.

Uh, yup!

If something starts to feel familiar, you’ll probably start experimenting to see whether higher goals can be achieved.

Why settle for good when you are striving to be great?

Turns out I'm also independent, innovative, creative, sharp-witted, and even a tad eccentric.

This was one of the coolest assessments I've done in quite some time. I love knowing this and using it to my advantage. So how do you fascinate? Well you can visit HERE Once you do, let me know and let's compare!

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