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No More Troll Voice in My Head

I get it, your busy, I'm busy, the world's busy. I know when I'm working on many tasks and constantly on the go that being creative is the last thing I feel as if I could conjure. 

Creativity can feel like it requires some sort of wizardry and spell incantations. Thankfully, there's a simple way to tap back into creativity and get the pen to the paper, the brush to the canvas, or even the email box back to zero! 

The power of "Yes, And"! 

Yes, And is a simple tool that it is used often in improv. It helps performers get on the same page quickly so they can build a world around them. After all, they are up on stage sans a script. A useful tool onstage, it's also a powerful device off stage. 

How does it work? 

You literally say "Yes, And" to yourself. Let's look at an example.

Every week, I write a lot. Newsletters, social media posts, blogs, scripts for YouTube and I definitely feel uninspired some weeks so here's what I'll do. I will get out a piece of paper and put on the top "Ideas" from there I will just write whatever comes to my brain. Inevitably the inner critic, you know the one, the voice that resides in your head that has that troll voice and says "ohhh so you think thee haveth good ideas. Pashaw! Ideas are only for the mighty", arrives.

When troll dude arrives, I bring out my mighty shield of Yes, And. 

I don't let that voice stop me from writing down ideas. I keep writing ideas down. I keep saying to myself, "Yes this is an idea, and I'm going to write it down". I do that over and over and over.

Once I have a full list of ideas I take a break and return later with some fresh eyes. There is going to be a lot of garbage on that list but it does not matter. Since I used my superpower of "Yes, And" there are also great ideas on that list.

All because I didn't let troll douche stop me! 

So that's what I challenge you to do! Whatever project you might be working on. Whatever creative outlet you are enjoying. Whatever task you have at hand. I want you to start using "Yes, And"! You will only get stronger if you use this so what are you waiting for? 

This entire concept is a small part of the improv puzzle which leads to brand new ways of approaching everyday situations. Just like you go to the gym to work out your muscles, you need to work out your brain!

Get rid of your troll douche-cake and get creative! 

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