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The thing about culture

Theaters, family units, classrooms, all of these have their "culture". People like us do things like this. That is how culture is defined, shaped, and nurtured.

In order to make real change you must first define what it is you are setting out to do. What is your value system? What is important to you and how will you find others like you?

I knew the culture I wanted to change was that of the improv scene I had been exposed to. I've been doing this a long time so my experience has been that of a culture that was mainly white, cis, male.

I wanted to be part of a culture that was inclusionary, encouraging, and empowering. Diversity, representation, and elevating the voices of those who have been under-served for far too long. I wanted it enough that I created it.

As AdLib has grown, the culture has expanded to also include commitment to the craft of improv. That is different than having talent. Talent alone won't make you a great improviser. The performer, team, and classroom needs focus, motivation, connection, cohesion. and spirit. Knowing this we can create a path to creating and maintaining a vibrant community. That's because people like us do things like this. This our culture. This is "us".

Our culture isn't for everyone. People everywhere want different things. Figure out who you are and then you will find your community, your culture. If it doesn't exist, create it!

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