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Time is an Investment

Recently, I came across a YouTube video that discussed dealing with situations and triggers to your time.

The speaker asked you the viewer to ask yourself "Am I willing at this time to make the investment required to make a positive difference on this topic? ".

It made me think about all the stray text messages I receive, requests for my time, and of course improv.

I love the approach of "positive difference". There are definitely times things come across many platforms and modes of communication and my knee jerk reaction would not be a positive one. So if the answer to this question is no, then I'm not responding until I can make that interaction as positive as possible.

This doesn't mean the outcomes will make everyone happy but the interaction will at least be coming from the right place.

Our time is an investment and we need to invest wisely.

Of course when the speaker said this, I also thought of all the improvisers out there who say yes to everything. I get it, it's fun to go and play. I wonder if saying yes to every improv adventure though leads to a positive difference in one's life?

How can you be on 5 or 6 teams that focus on different styles and how does that impact your growth or your personal life? If you are feeling stretched too thin, go ahead and ask yourself the question above. Be honest with yourself and if you to need invest your time differently do that.

A wise investment in time and yourself leads to positive outcomes!

ps- here is the video link:

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