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Why hold a Live Q&A?

This Sunday is our very first Live Q&A with the Director (that's me). It's for performers and current students at the theater. So why am I doing this?

I want our community to connect and feel they are heard. We don't like to pull hierarchy at the theater. Just because you are cast on one team or have a title doesn't mean your voice is anymore important that another's. This is one way we can show our values.

Since I no longer teach every class, I also want to make sure I stay connected to our students. As theaters grow, it can be easy for those of us in charge of education, to not know every name and face that comes through our doors. I take pride in making people feel welcome and this is just one way I can ensure I continue to do just that.

I'm pretty sure I continue to grow as an improviser is because I think about it a lot. I talk to other improvisers, I write blogs, make videos, all of this thinking out loud helps codify my skills and shapes me as a performer. Not everyone is comfortable doing that or has the time to do it. This is one way they can carve out some time and think out loud about improv!

This first session will give me a sense of what our community is looking for and who we are together. I'm excited to see what comes of it and bring more value for our community.

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