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Lauren used to be funny now she works in tech!


As a Product Manager, Lauren brings her Master's degree in Library and Information Science, 20+ years of diverse experience, passion, and talent to product development. 

Prior to pivoting to tech, she owned and managed AdLib Theatre. An independent improv theater in Central Florida, Lauren was one of only two female improv theater owners in the entire state. For 5 years, AdLib was a beacon of excellence and many found a home away from home on the stage and in classes. Lauren was responsible for casting, directing, instructional design, and theater management. What she loved most at AdLib was teaching the art of improv. It was there she would see the beauty and vulnerability of all students while also laughing together at the human condition. 


When not at work, Lauren continues to create satire, hike, and be in her pajamas by 7 pm. Her greatest achievement was teaching her kids to spell using only curse words! 

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