With over 15 years of industry experience, Lauren is a maverick leader.

As the creator and director of AdLib Theatre, she brought the art of long-form improv to a community where it didn't exist. For over five years, her mission of equity, inclusion, and diversity came to life in the classroom and every week on stage.


She hosts and produces the podcast, The Improv Teachers, that won the best of improv podcasts in 2017 and 2019 by PlayerFM.   

The time came when Lauren faced a new personal challenge and closed the doors to the theater. The legacy lives on through the thousands of patrons, actors, and students who participated in the community created by Lauren.

Now a new chapter begins. Lauren's skill sets include the ability to work effectively and accurately under pressure. She is detail-oriented, organized, flexible, and highly-motivated. Lauren collaborates and works well in high-pressure situations and fast-paced environments. Running several successful projects and businesses, Lauren is a capable self-starter with polished customer service skills and a love for the arts community.


Lauren has experience in social media management, content management, team building, instructional design, and editorial duties. She is a published satirist and essayist.

Lauren currently is available for consultation. To contact Lauren directly, email laurenhasthree@gmail.com.


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