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Improv Philosophy: The One Thing You Can Control

Improv brings adventure and unknown to the stage. That unique element propels many to fall in love with this art form. Expectations of how things should go will hinder progress. We should strive to embrace the unknown and be aware of the one thing we can control:


Nothing more, nothing less.

We own our choices. We don't own the scene or the way it should twist and turn along the way. That belongs to the ensemble and the decisions they make moment to moment together.

We can make choices about our character and our behavior that helps build alongside our teammates and create together as one unit.

We can control and choose to support our stage partners and teammates. Choose to treat them like rock stars, support and say yes.

In fact, let's say "fuck YES" to each other.

I embraced and learned a long time ago to let go of expectations of what the I or other individuals wanted to happen or that we can control each other, the scene, or the format.

With the right mindset, tools, and commitment, anyone can learn to embrace the philosophy that you can only control yourself!

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