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Improv Toolbox: Need help relationship building on stage?

I'm a big fan of applicable tools you can use in any scene regardless of the type, style, or form of improv you play. My personal style and philosophy is rooted in character-based, relationship-driven improv. As a result, my tips and tricks tend to focus on you and your scene partner and the relationship between the two.

I created this handy list of phrases for my students that help put you and your scene partner back on track and connecting with each other.

Just start a sentence with one of these phrases when you are feeling lost in your scene or disconnected from your scene partner:

-I have a dilemma

-You probably want

-You probably wish

-You're so

-You're the kind of person

-I'm the kind of person

-You are going to

-I'm so

-You think that

-Tell me what I'm missing

-In other words

-Here's the thing

-You would like

-I would like

-As I understand it

-What you're saying

-I suppose that makes you feel

-From your point of view

-It appears you are

-Instead of saying "yes", say "I'm with you"

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