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In Our Own Time

I've always taken a different path. Even when I was on a "typical" trajectory I would find a way to make it my own. I'm a misfit, maverick, and dreamer. Since I have kids there was no way they were going to be "normal".

We landed way off in our own world. Even more so than I thought. That was due to life's curve balls but we've made it work. Sometimes I get that panic feeling that we should push to do more normal things and then I'm reminded we aren't on anyone's timeline but our own.

My oldest turned 15 back in February and it wasn't until this past weekend that he expressed an interest in getting his learner's permit. It was a reminder that everything and everyone has it's own time.

I sometimes get hard on myself for not doing more having more complete and then I stop and remind myself it's okay. My path is different so my timing is different. I am doing great!

Now as we wait on hurricane Dorian and the kids are getting antsy it's an opportunity to practice being present and knowing that everything has it's own time. The only thing we can do as we wait is make the best of this situation.

Even today's blog is on it's own time. I struggled with what to write today and part is because I'm judging myself way too much right now and the other is being okay that I needed a little more time to get it complete.

Just many reminders that there are always lessons to be learned and alternate paths to discover. So perhaps not my best blog post but hey, there's always next time and it's on my own time!

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