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Show up. Show out.

It's not enough to just show up. You need to show out. What does that mean?

Put your best foot forward. Be excited to be in the room. Own who you are.

I perform weekly. There will be times when I'm not feeling it but you know what? Too bad. What goes on in my life doesn't mean a thing to the audience members who paid to be entertained. Those audience members want a night out where they can escape whatever is going on in their own lives. That means, I'm there to deliver. As long as I come to show out, I can leave the stage knowing I did my job.

Thing is, I'm on an ensemble. Improv is a group sport. So it's not enough for just me to show up and show out. Everyone I hit the stage with needs to have the same attitude. When they don't it becomes difficult for the team to function at their best.

We are human but the expectation is everyone tries their best. They do that and everything is all good. They don't, well it's time as a team to have a conversation about priorities, expectations, and solutions.

I put pride into my craft. I want to be surrounded by those who do the same. I also want all improvisers to understand we are there to entertain an audience who left the comfort of their home for local live theater. Let's honor that. Let's show up. Let's show out.

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