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Trusting the process

The thing about improv is that it requires more than just you. Yes, there are solo shows and ways to make it happen in a way where you don't have to rely on another for your own journey.

I'm not one to wait on someone else to make sure I'm growing. That being said, I enjoy my improv more when it's not solo. When I don't have to leave my home and travel thousands of miles to get on stage with others who want what I want.

There's something wonderful and magical having a partner or even partners who you have spent hours and hours rehearsing and performing with. That share the ups and downs, the good and bad, the adventure that is the improv stage.

I think we all have this "ideal" stage partner in our heads. Ideals create expectations and expectations can let us down. I learned this very early on. Instead, I've chosen to remain open and trust the process. The improv spirits if you will have sent me some amazing people. I am grateful for all of them and what we have shared. Some of those people where on my path too short and some still cross my path even if it's not as often as it used to be.

Recently, I have been going through my own artistic frustrations. It comes with also having the responsibility of a theater. I have taken steps to try and carve out some time just for my artistic endeavors. Thing is that requires that other person and that has been an up and down road of late.

I find myself getting frustrated, let down, and disappointed. None of that helps. I have to go back to what I believe and that is improv has my back. The universe has my back. Trust the process.

Be open to what is happening. Be grateful for what I am cultivating and growing. Remain mindful and in the moment. Tell the universe and improv what I want. What I seek will happen. Adventures do await. My growing has yet to stop. My artistic vision will come to life.

I know this because I'm trusting the process!

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