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Ugh, this feels hard

Do you find yourself questioning what and why you are creating? Maybe things are feeling hard for you right now?

I know I do! In fact, this week has been A WEEK! It has been a roller coaster of emotions and there have been moments where I have uttered, "ugh, this feels too hard" so many times.

Truth is that difficult situations, conversations, product creation are actually good teachers.

So yeah, in the moment, my gut reaction might be to want to run or avoid dealing with feelings and conversations but that's not going to fix anything. In fact, it's going to leave me with an even stronger feeling of "UGH!".

It's through the difficult times that we learn a lot about ourselves.

This week I went ahead and dealt with a situation head on. I wanted to ignore it. I wanted to be like, ugh, whatever, fine, I get it this is life.

If I had chosen that path it would have left resentment and unanswered questions and that would slowly begin to build up and over time the small minor situation would have become a very big problem.

I have some residual icky feelings. Not because of anyone else, just because old wounds are reopened and "ugh, this is hard", I have to deal with them AGAIN. However, getting to it quickly and dealing with them right away means less intensity and duration for this old wound and what might have taken a week to heal will be healed in a matter of 1 or 2 days.

While I am tending to the old wound, I need to be open and vocal about it. If I'm everyone will find ourselves in a situation of "ugh, this is hard" because the communication channels will have been blocked, and we all land up in cluster fuck of dumbness!

So yeah, UGH THIS IS HARD has been my mantra this week but I'm also grateful for it. The discomfort is a teacher and if you are feeling like things are so hard, I hope you too can find solace in the lessons. Also, there's always ice cream and pizza!

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