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Vision Driven

"In the absence of vision we are each driven by our own agenda.” -- The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life

I recently came across this quote and it felt like a truth bomb had been dropped in my lap. I operate from this point of view but articulating this has never felt clearer to me. I wrote it down immediately in my journal and have let it roll around in my brain every since!

Having a set vision, puts us all on the same page. Gets us motivated to work together. Forces us to put ego and pride to the side.

What else does a shared vision do for us in improv? Here are just a few things:

Frees us from judgment (of others AND of ourselves)

Clears the path of competition and makes us collaborators

Provides an environment where we are willing to fail and grow

How do you create the vision?

You have to discuss it. A theater should already have a vision in place and it should be obvious to everyone. It should be shared and shown in classes, performances, rehearsals, and training. It's a through line and foundation.

A small independent team, on the other hand, needs to sit down and come up with one together.

Both of these scenarios should have expectations stated, common vocabulary shared, and receptive to feedback and growth.

My biggest takeaway when I read this was how important it is to align yourself with those who also want to live their lives this way. Who want to be collaborators, who can put their ego to the side, who want to grow. This has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with values. Each person has to decide what that means to them.

Why work with people who don't share your goals and values? Why put yourself in a situation of not being supported?

Why would you live without a vision and instead be part of a fractured community that is driven by individual agendas?

I'm excited for this clarity and can't wait to see what is next on this adventure!

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