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You! Yes, You! You Can Figure This Out!

Hey you there! Yes you! You are doing great. Really you are. What's that? You feel the walls closing in or that life is an impossible puzzle. That's okay, in fact, feel it. Feel that in your bones, your chest, your stomach, your scalp. Be aware of it. Acknowledge it and don't judge it. Then get up and figure things out!

Everything has a solution. It might not be the perfect solution, it might not be easy, and in the short time it might not even make you that happy. It doesn't mean you don't do it. In fact, keep doing it. Become resilient! You've got this.

Create or write a new show, blog, vlog, article, video game, recipe. Creation is endless and comes in many forms.

Put the call out and see who answers. Those are your people. Not the ones who say but the ones who do.

Find the resources. This is what the internet was meant for. Yes, of course it was meant for memes as well!

Make that appointment.

Start talking out loud to yourself. Brainstorm. Get creative. Get out of the box.

Even those of us who are creative tend to find ourselves in our own creative boxes. Thing is, they are still boxes and we too need to push ourselves beyond.

All of this is worth it. You'll get there. You'll figure it out. You'll become even more resilient. A warrior. A hero!

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