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At least be different

Photo by Søren Astrup Jørgensen on Unsplash

People grow and change. Many times this includes outgrowing the community or theater they learned from. It's not because of any one reason or something gone awry (okay, sometimes it is but that's a different post!). It's because people change and as they change their needs change. Theaters have to keep their doors open and it's complicated. They can't serve everyone's random idea. All of this is just fine.

What I've been seeing when this happens is a lack of creativity though and that's a bummer. If you've outgrown your troupe or theater, by all means, spread your wings but now's the chance to do something different. To really grow. To really face fear and to fail and do it with glorious enthusiasm.

I fail all the time. It's just an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand beyond the comfort zone I've created.

So if you've found yourself out in the big world of improv on your own, shoot for the stars. Create new formats, shows, and ideas. Improv is only limiting if you allow it. The only limits are your imagination. Your imagination is only limited if you are letting fear take over. Take the leap, lean into the fear, and break the mold!

I do this all the time. I create a new workshop and then teach it to students who have never even met me! I ask someone I barely know to get on stage with me and I'm constantly alongside my teams exploring ways to break from format and make it our own.

I hope you are brave enough and go do that too!

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