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Have a path instead of a plan

Recently, I was listening to a podcast and the guest discussed the importance and difference of having a path versus a plan. This struck me as insightful and important, especially in our improv scenes. What’s the difference then?

A plan has a strict end point. It also comes with a value system of right/wrong, good/bad, it also requires approval or disapproval of others. All of this can be detrimental to the self as well as any improv scene you might find yourself in (spoiler alert, in life as well!).

The other problem with having a plan in your improv scene is that you are not improvising alone or in a vacuum. There are other people, factors, and variables in place. Being rigid means you will land up with a flat scene and disappointed every time. You can only control you and a plan thrives on control.

This is why a path is the key to success on stage. A path is defined by your value system and who you strive to be. A path is someone saying I want to try my best, listen to others, collaborate, say yes, be open to new experiences, and ready to learn. Working from a path, you will find success faster and more often.

Following your path will lead you to places you never expected and help you learn along the way. You can expand, grow, and inspire those around you to do the same thing!

Next time you find yourself stuck or frustrated in a scene on stage or in life, think if it’s because you are planning and if so, let go and follow your path.

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